The Vampire Sisters

Die Vampirschwestern
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Genre: Family Entertainment

Year of production: 2012

Co-production: Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion GmbH, Frank-Markus Barwasser

Distribution: Sony Pictures Releasing

World sales: Arri Worldsales

Screenplay: Ursula Gruber

Based on the novel: "The Vampire Sisters" by Franziska Gehm

Director: Wolfgang Groos

Casting: Daniela Tolkien

DoP: Bernhard Jasper

Film editor: Stefan Essl

Score/music: Helmut Zerlett

Production design: Anette Ingerl

Costume design: Anke Winckler

Make-up artist: Georg Korpás, Kathrin Bornmüller

Sound recording: Sylvain Remy

Cast: Marta Martin, Laura Roge, Christiane Paul, Stipe Erceg, Michael Kessler, als Gast: Richy Müller, Jamie Bick, Jonas Holdenrieder, Jeremias Meyer, Xaver Wegler, Maj Jablonski, Robin Kirsch, Viola von der Burg, Christian A. Koch, Regine Vergeen, Hans Peter Deppe, Ilse Strambowski u.v.a.

Summary: After 12 years in Transsilvania, Daka and Silvania have moved to Germany. They are twins and they are half vampires. They want to make new friends here at their new hometown in Germany, because life is rather strange for them in Germany: how do they use escalators? Why do have human beings school lessons during the daytime? it is not too easy merging in with their classmates and fitting in to a normal "human" every day life.

Film funding: FFF Bayern, Filmstiftung NRW, FFA, DFFF